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"When we get past all the other stuff, there is the Joy."  from Yoga Sutras, Verse 2, my version.

Updated April 1st 2020 Message: Ironic that I am writing this on April Fool's Day. Let's look at this time as a new spiritual beginning as we are launching worldwide, collectively into the unknown. Let us be more present, more kind, more grateful, more connected to each other and to the earth. Much like the Fools card in a taro deck, we are literally stepping off the cliff of our usual life patterns and habits.

What am I doing during this time? I am taking radical care of myself, and walking my talk. My intention was to go digital and global in my teaching anyway, so now the door is wide open.  

1. Summer Teacher training is on! See the Teacher Training page for more info and contact me if interested.

2. I am posting inspiration, breathing techniques, and short classes for you on my FB group: Joyflow Nine Ways. Join up and let's stay connected. Eventually I will offer classes through a paid subscription, but for now all is offered for free or donation (paypal: 

3. I will soon have an Enneagram course available on-line! This is basically my afternoon workshop converted and offered both as a "take on your own format" as well as "interactive group format".

Stay tuned.

4. As always, I am available for private lessons and coaching. Right now my fee is donation. Contact me if you would like some assistance finding balance in these uncertain stressful times. The only thing I can't do is give you hands-on stretches or hugs.

Blessings to All and Much Love,


In January 2017, after over 25 years of owning and teaching from my studio, I closed the doors of Joyflow Yoga Studio. The name "Joyflow" was divinely given to me and speaks to the Truth of yoga, as presented in the classic text Yoga Sutra. It is that when we go inward, no longer identifying ourselves with all the outer fluctuations of life, we realize our True Nature, and we experience Joy. This, to me, is what Jesus meant when He said "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you". Now Joyflow is in my heart and travels with me.

Debi Saraswati Lewis, E-RYT 500, BIO:

Saraswati Lewis is an artist, musician, yogi, mystic and muse. She discovered yoga in 1983 and since then has studied many forms of yoga: Iyengar, Ashtanga, Kripalu, Power Vinyasa and Viniyoga, from many beloved teachers, and has synthesized them into what she has named Joyflow. She has taught yoga for over 25 years and is registered with the Yoga Alliance at the highest level, E-RYT500. She is the owner and director of Joyflow Yoga Studio and the principle instructor of Joyflow Yoga Teacher Training, accredited by the Yoga Alliance since 2001.  Saraswati has certifications in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, the Enneagram (through Riso-Hudson’s Enneagram Institute) and Laughter Yoga. She has experience and training several forms of body/energy work: Massage, Reiki, Healing Touch and Thai Bodywork, as well as in several other forms of meditative movement: DanceMeditation, Dances of Universal Peace, and Trance Dance. Saraswati had many years of training in music (classical flute) and art. She is a initiate in the Sufi Order of the West and is fascinated with living intuitively guided by Spirit. Her book, Yoga Nine Ways: Awaken to Source with Yoga and Enneagram, expresses her ground-breaking ideas integrating these wisdom traditions with life changing and practical applications. She leads Yoga Nine Ways workshops and retreats around the world.

Contact Debi to schedule an appointment:

 601-613-4317  /

Now that Joyflow is no longer a studio, we just won Best Yoga Studio in town in the Jackson Free Press awards! What a bittersweet win!   A big thank you hug to all of you who voted!  Here's the article:

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