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3-Month Signature Program

Transformational Coaching

Enneagram for Yogis


Who is This For?

Do you recognize a disconnect between your current life and the one you want to live? Are you open-minded, spiritually oriented and receptive to healing, growth and personal development? Ready and willing to leave behind the pain and current struggle? Willing to release negative subconscious programming? Ready to boldly step into your power and into a life of joy, peace and radiant health?

I find those who are drawn to this work with me are the teachers, care-givers and healers, who are doing inspirational healing and guiding work with others, but who struggle to find a balance with their own self-care. It seems impossible to keep all the balls in the air at the same time, right? I well know the struggle to keep all those balls in the air, to keep a strong spiritual practice while keeping a steady physical practice, to take care of others without neglecting your own needs.


If you are resonating with all this......this program is for you! To help you with that balance and support you in your self-care commitment with simple daily practices, chosen just for your particular needs. To give you tools to understand your own tendencies, which we all have, of getting into avoidance patterns when we are stressed, and then how to break free of them. 


Yoga Teachers who need support in their teaching and their personal practice, will also earn 36 CEUs for Yoga Alliance registry. Yoga Practitioners who would like a deeper dive into their spiritual journey and are perhaps considering becoming certified teachers will get support and a great foundation. While you may or may not yet be familiar with the Enneagram, if you want to go deeper into this Wisdom and learn how to customize a yoga practice for your specific personality Type, along with accountability support through Coaching, you will really see the benefits of this program. Teachers, therapists, coaches, and care-givers of all kinds will find a refreshing place to receive nurturing and support in this program.

Some Benefits of Program:

* Get more aligned with your purpose in life.

* Make better decisions.

* Learn tools to help you deal with stress better.

* Natural ways to combat anxiety and depression.

* Make healthier habits AND have support sticking to them.

* Loving yourself no matter what.

* Creating healthier boundaries and communication.

* Feeling lighter; more JOY!

* Feeling healthier, sleeping better, more energy.

* Have more confidence in yourSelf and in your abilities.

* More compassion for yourSelf and Others.

* Keep your immune system strong to resist illness.

* Reduce back pain, digestive issues, heart issues, and more.

What the 3 Month Coaching Experience Includes:

Training Modules of teachings on Enneagram, Meditations, Breathing Techniques and Yoga Classes.  All available to you, as long as you are in the program. 

An exclusive FB group in which to connect with me and others in this group where we can offer each other support on this adventure together.

Once a week Individual Coaching Session. It will be recorded and emailed to you to keep. It will be scheduled at your convenience at the beginning of the week.

Once a week Zoom Yoga Class, reflecting the needs, requests and perhaps the weekly focus or theme. It will be recorded and emailed to you to keep. This will most likely be scheduled for Thursday evenings.

Membership in all my regular zoom classes, a value of $100 per month, and currently two evenings and two mornings: Mon/Wed 5:30 pm; Tues/Thurs 9:00 am. Bonus: If you register any time throughout December, you can go ahead and enjoy these classes this month!

Books we will use:

1. Signed copy of my book, "Yoga Nine Ways: Awakening to Source"

2. Enneagram Transformations by Don Riso

3. Wisdom of the Enneagram by Riso-Hudson

A final manual of all content, topics and homework to keep. 


Healing Modalities I will draw on, throughout the Course:

Meditative Yoga Basics, with alignment focus

Simple Yoga Flows, with breath focus

Restorative Yoga, advanced laying around

Balancing Gut, Heart and Head Centers with Yoga

Enneagram meditations: Centers, Stances, Lines, Wings, Instincts, Subtypes, Levels of Health, Gifts, Challenges, Misidentifications

Breathing Techniques for Energy, Balance, Relaxation, Spiritual Connection

Kriyas, Pranayama plus Movement, with an intended outcome

Meditations, Yoga Nidra & Customized Guided Imagery

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (verbal non-contact)

Breakthrough Coaching Method

Energy Healing: Reiki and Healing Touch

Singing Bowl / Flute Sound Baths

Laughter Yoga

Dance and Movement Meditation

Vision Board and Art Meditation

Open Enrollment is Now!


Regular current Investment in Program: $1797

or 3 Monthly Payments of $625

But Now for a Limited Time: $1250


or 3 Payments of $450

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Have questions?


Contact me and we will schedule a time to chat.


Debi Saraswati Lewis, E-RYT500, YACEP, Founder and President of Joyflow Institute and your guide throughout your 3 Month Transformational Program!

Debi Saraswati is the published author of “Yoga Nine Ways: Awaken to Source with Yoga and Enneagram” which expresses her ground-breaking ideas integrating these wisdom traditions with life changing and practical applications. She brings this knowledge and experience into her inspirational coaching, workshops and retreats all over the world.

Debi has taught yoga for over 30 years, owned a studio for over 25, mentored yoga instructors through the first Yoga Alliance 200 hour registered program in Mississippi for 20 years. The Enneagram has been a part of her life for at least 30 years and she is certified as an Enneagram teacher through the Enneagram Institute with Don Riso and Russ Hudson. 

Debi is an inspirational muse. Wherever she goes she inspires and creates a space of joy and light around her and within her clients. Because of her own journey to overcome depression and experiencing her own connection to inner Divine Guidance and Joy, she has trained in many modalities:

What Others are Saying about Debi:

I found Debi and Joyflow Yoga during a time in my life when I was struggling with anxiety disorder. Yoga literally saved me from becoming all consumed by my worries and panic. Thanks to Debi I learned how to naturally center my thoughts, deflect my anxiety and be more present in my daily life. She creates such a safe and nurturing practice that still remains challenging and inspiring. Even when life gets busy and you can't make it to a class Debi makes sure you have all the tools and knowledge you need to build your own home practice. Joyflow Yoga helped me to realize my own strength and now I am a yogi for life.

                              Victoria Whaley LaRose

Thank you Debi for a superb workshop. I have been to many; the only ones in the same category as yours were with Jean Huston on Myths and with Muriel James, author of Born To Be Free. I mention these so you understand to whom I compare you and your skills.

           I’m so glad you’ve expanded because I believe you’ve found your niche. Everyone learned so much and really felt fortunate your life touched ours. Your skills, love and vast knowledge of yoga and enneagram blended beautifully. Your openness about yourself was reassuring and the smooth adaptability as you worked filling needs, clarifying points, and enjoying time with us were magical.                                                                          Marcia Mahan

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