9 Day Introduction
to the Joyflow Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Certification
A FREE On-Line Workshop
Starting Monday January 18th, 8:00pm (CST), 2021
There is no Cost, but the Workshop will be Available
for a Limited Time Only!

Here's What You Will Get:

9-Part Live Video Training Series: Join me each day for a powerful 45 minute Introduction to a topic that we cover in the teacher training about Yoga.

A printable Workbook: Receive a powerful guide that will walk you through the entire program.

Live Feedback and Support: Complete the homework given after each training and receive valuable feedback. Win Prizes for participation.

Exclusive Facebook Group: All of this feedback and interaction happens here in the FB group Enneagram For Yogis, specifically for you.

Please join us whether or not you aspire to become a yoga teacher and share this information with friends who may be interested.

Here are the Yummy Topics!

Day 1

History & Styles of Hatha Yoga

Day 2

Yoga Sutras & the 8 Limbs of Yoga 

Day 3

The Bhagavad-Gita

Day 4

Energy Anatomy & Chakra System

Day 5

Enneagram & Yoga Nine Ways

Day 6

How to Meditate into Bliss

Day 7

Sequencing & Alignment Q&A

Day 8

Transformational Pranayama

Day 9

Yoga Nidra: Deep Relaxation &


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We start LIVE on January 18th, at 8:00pm (CST), 2021

What Others are Saying about the Joyflow Teacher Training:

"An excellent program, extremely versed in yoga philosophy and dedicated to maintaining a tradition of honoring both the history and future of Yoga. The program was very personable. Instructor is accessible and committed to the students." Jason Lee (Now teaching in Flowood, and rocking his Singing Bowl Sound Baths)

"Joyflow Yoga provided me with an awareness of not only the asanas but also the history of yoga. I found myself on a path of learning more about myself as well as how my yoga practice can help others."  Jamie Coon (now teaching fellow teachers and 7th grade art students in Clinton, MS.)

"JoyFlow Yoga TT was amazing! The teaching manual, handouts, reading assignments and recommended books, class teamwork assignments, workshops and additional study tools and handouts provided by Debi were very detailed, thorough and helped me in the learning process through this journey!!!"  Ashley Dixon Scarbrough (Now teaching yoga in Pucket, and Flowood MS.)

"The Joyflow Teacher Training program is wonderful and I highly recommend it (in fact I have steered potential students towards it already). It gave me a very well-rounded body of knowledge that not only included how to teach yoga asanas to a class, but also the history and evolution of yoga and how to make it part of our lives off the mat. Coming from an Astanga-style practice, I gained a new understanding and respect for different types of yoga, especially restorative and chair yoga. Our cohort was very diverse and I appreciated how Debi worked individually with each of us to help us develop our own personal style of teaching that worked best with our unique personalities. Debi has a great reputation within the Mississippi yoga community and I've heard nothing but positive things about her from people who ask me who I trained with. Overall, I left the training feeling confident and ready to begin my teaching career."  Elizabyth Harrington (Now teaching around Clinton & Jackson, MS, and has in-home studio TeaHouse Yoga)

"Not only did we extensively cover all of the learning objectives from the course. We built an incredible network and friendships within our class. We all grew very close and will remain in touch and collaboration in the future. It's nice to have a group of peers that I can bounce ideas off of and share experiences. Our teacher facilitated and encourages this network greatly! Yoga Teacher Training is one of the best things I've ever done!" Christina Estrada  (Now teaching, exploring and adventuring all over the globe!)

"I could not have asked for a better yoga teacher training experience! It was awesome! Debi is an amazing teacher and, now friend. She has a huge heart, and she is super knowledgeable about ALL things yoga. Debi did an excellent job in preparing me to go out into the world and share the love of yoga through teaching. I recommend Joyflow Yoga to anyone looking to broaden their knowledge and experience of yoga!"  Ashley Allen (Now teaching in Meridian, MS)

"This teacher training program was an enjoyable experience for me. The resource materials were excellent as was the training format and overall atmosphere in the studio. The program content was inclusive of the history, philosophy, ethics and techniques, and so many other aspects of yoga that has helped me in my personal practice as well as an instructor. The knowledge and life long experience of our Training Instructor was a tremendous asset to the success of this program." Kathleen Jennings (Now teaching in Flowood, MS, with a touch of Tai Chi too!)

About your Host:

Debi Saraswati has taught yoga for over 30 years, owned a studio for over 25, mentored yoga instructors through the first Yoga Alliance 200 hour registered program in Mississippi for 20 years. The Enneagram has been a part of her life for at least 30 years and she is certified as an Enneagram teacher through the Enneagram Institute with Don Riso and Russ Hudson. 

Debi is an inspirational muse. Wherever she goes she inspires and creates a space of joy and light around her and within her clients and students. Because of her own journey to overcome depression and experiencing her own connection to inner Divine Guidance and Joy, she has trained in many modalities:


Reiki, Healing Touch, Shamanic Journeying, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Thai Massage, Sacred Circle World Dance, Dance Meditation, Art Therapy, Laughter Yoga, Sound Therapy (flutes, singing bowls and drums) and more. She sprinkles rainbows of these Sacred Gifts into her Coaching and mentoring.

This Workshop is Perfect for You IF:
* You've always wanted to learn more about the world of Yoga.
* You would like to be able to share your love of Yoga; perhaps becoming a Teacher.
* You would like to learn how Yoga offers Tools for Healthy Living in Body, Mind & Spirit.
Starting Monday, January 18th, 2021
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