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Joyflow Nine Ways Coaching with Debi Saraswati

Joyflow Nine Ways Coaching is specifically designed to bring clients from a place of stress, anxiety and / or depression, to a place of deep self-understanding, relaxed vitality and Joy. The goal is to help clients improve their life habits, overcome addictions, learn ways of coping without over reliance on medication, improve sleep and nervous system function, and generally live life at a higher, more joyful vibration. Below are some of the modalities that Debi uses in her coaching:

Customized Yoga Instruction:  Learn yoga in a way that is suited to your unique needs, or if you have particular questions, or even if you would simply feel more comfortable with personal attention, you may enjoy some private lessons. (If you want ONLY private lessons the rate is $75, see below for full coaching options.)

Enneagram Consultation: The Enneagram shows how we see the world and act accordingly from our often unconscious motivations, fears and needs. With this knowledge, you are able to transcend your habitual pitfalls and build on your inherent strengths. The practice of Yoga with the Enneagram are powerful together. First, an understanding of oneself is valuable as one explores a spiritual practice. One can also use the yoga postures to achieve an energetic balance in Head, Hear and Gut intelligence. Read more about the Enneagram on my Enneagram page.

Guided Journeying, Yoga Nidra, Affirmation Meditation: Each of these meditations are similar in that they induce deep relaxation and promote insight and empowerment. In Journeying, you can allow your subconscious to speak to you in symbols, much like dreaming. In Yoga Nidra, you have the opportunity to plant an affirmation mentally while you are deeply relaxed and receptive. An affirmation meditation is designed especially with your goals in mind.

Pranayama & Meditation: Pranayama is the science and study of breathing. Different techniques can be used to increase energy or induce relaxation. Simply focusing on Pranayama is itself a meditation, though there are many ways to meditate, through sound, visual, and intentions.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy: Through assisted yoga postures and non-directive dialogue, I guide you to experience the connection of your physical and emotional selves. Using focused breathing, this connection is held and explored, you have the opportunity to release pent-up tension and emotional stress, and experience a new lightness of being and clarity. It can also be very relaxing. I hold the space for you to access guidance both from your body wisdom and from the wisdom of Divine.

Tai Yoga Bodywork: The passive stretches and pressure points of Tai Yoga can offer a very relaxing session, especially if you are interested in receiving relaxation and a good stretch, without the verbal self-inquiry of PRYT.

Healing Touch / Reiki:  Light or off-body touch with heart-centered intentionality clear energy blockages and balance the energetic flow of the body, mind and spirit.

Essential Oil Aroma Touch: A certain sequence of Essential Oils is distributed along the spine, hands and feet, where the nervous system receives each of their beneficial qualities. Great for immune support and deep relaxation.

Dance Meditation: Enjoy moving to specially selected music to awaken your chakras and increase your vibration. It is also a moving meditation as you let go of the “inner critic”.  Learn to “dance like no one is watching”.

Laughter Yoga: Studies have shown that sustained laughter increases serotonin and dopamine, tones the abdominal muscles and gives you a face lift. I just feels good. Sustained laughter works whether you are faking or not; so we fake it at first and then find we just can’t stop

Bio-Mat: The Bio-Mat is a mat of amethyst crystals engineered to produce infrared heat and negative ions. This technology was developed in Japan to help with radiation poisoning. It is deeply relaxing. The mat can be added to many of the above modalities, or you can just make an appointment to hang out on the mat for $1 per minute.

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One Coaching Session - $125

4 Session Coaching Package - $450

(Use within 3 months)

Joyflow Nine Ways Signature 3 Month Transformational Coaching program - $1495

Or 3 payments of $550

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"Debi is the most proficient and compassionate yoga teacher I have ever had. If you have a chance to be a colleague or client with Debi, take it. She will change your life forever!"                                                                Laura M.

"Debi is dedicated to teaching yoga beyond postures by including philosophy and a way of living."                                                            Patricia D. PT

"Debi is passionate about helping her clients achieve the results they are pursuing through the practice of yoga.  She is a superior teacher who is able to expertly guide each person according to his or her own individual needs and abilities."                                                                                Susan L.

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