Fast, Slow & In Between

For my first 6-8 years of yoga practice I studied only with my first teacher, Janie Strickland, and this was all I knew. As Janie worked on her certification in the Iyengar style of yoga, which emphasizes precision in each posture, long holdings of the posture and a variety of props, like belts, blocks, chairs and bolsters, I found myself restless and I must admit, a bit rebellious. While this style is an excellent foundation for learning yoga, it became less nurturing and seemed less spiritually focused. I was also holding my breath a lot. I began to explore what else was out there. Two things happened. First, every time I read through the Yoga Journal, I ended up looking at the ad for

Tai Chi - Relaxation & Health Benefits

Kathleen Jennings, Certified Tai Chi for Health Instructor, demonstrates the sequence of slow flow movements of a Tai Chi practice. She currently teaches two classes per week and encourages beginners and experienced students alike to attend!

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