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Instructional / Educational Yoga Videos

These 12 Videos form the Core Instruction of Joyflow Teacher Training and will also be available a la carte (Coming Soon!)


Modern History of Yoga: Krishnamacharya Lineage, Other Styles, Teachers, Yoga Alliance, Methodology, Trends

Ancient Roots of Yoga, A Philosophy Overview: Bhagavad-Gita, Yoga Sutras, The 8-Limbed Path, Vedanta, Sanscrit

Energy Anatomy: The Chakra System, Auras, Prana, Vayues, Koshas, Mudras, Vibrational Healing Tools

A Yoga Nidra Practice: For Deep Relaxation and Imprinting Affirmations

The Basic Joyflow Class: With Cues for Beginners and Teachers

The Basic Standing Asanas: Alignment, Sequencing, Modifications, Variations

Introduction to Vinyasa Yoga: Sun Salutations, Alignment, Modifications, How to Sequence, Goal Poses

A Full Vinyasa Class: Introduction to Vinyasa is a prerequisite.

3-Part Chair Yoga Class:   1. Head to Toe Sitting warm-ups

                                            2. Using the chair for Vinyasa & Standing Asanas

                                            3. "Floor-work" using 2 chairs & Sitting Savasana

Core Strength & Vitality: Bandhas, Pilates, Fire Pranayama, Kundalini Yoga, Laughter Yoga

Restorative Yoga: How to use Props, Sequencing, Deep Relaxation, in 3-parts:

                               1. Relaxing Gentle Flow Sequence

                               2. Using Props for Restorative, Alignment

                               3. Restorative Practice with Singing Bowl Background

Enneagram Classes (coming soon!)

Yoga for Withdrawn Types 4,5,9: Strengthening & Grounding

Yoga for Compliant Types 1,2,6: Calming the Mind, Cultivating the Relaxation Response

Yoga for Assertive Types 3,7,8: Heart Opening, Gratitude practice, Gentle Backbends


Yoga Nine Ways: Awakening to Source with Yoga and Enneagram by Debi Saraswati Lewis

Joyflow Yoga: How to Develop Your Own Personal Yoga Practice by Debi Saraswati Lewis

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