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Joyflow Yoga Instruction / Therapy / Coaching



Joyflow Yoga Therapy can include:

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (emotional-release body work)

Tai Yoga / Restorative Yoga

Guided Imagery / Customized Yoga Nidra

Enneagram Consultation

Spiritual Dialoguing / Emotional Body Release Technique

Reiki / Healing Touch 

Sound Bath Meditation with Singing Bowls, Flutes and Drums

Essential Oils / Crystal Energy / Sage Cleansing / Terahertz Frequency

Nature Meditation Walks / Meditative Dance

Laughter Yoga


Joyflow Yoga Therapy

To process the mind-body connection, releasing wounds of the pain-body. Especially helpful for overcoming past abuse, trauma, injuries or losses. This process also leads to an increase in your ability to receive clarity, deep peace and relaxation. Some of the above options can be offered via zoom, long distance; some must be done in person.


$125 per session 1.5 hours 

$400 for series of 4 sessions  /  valuable if working through an issue. 


Joyflow Yoga Instruction

To give support in developing a home personal practice and/or to answer any questions about your practice or health needs. To give guidance in breathing and meditation techniques that support your well-being. My 30 years of training in a variety of styles enables me to be creative and responsive to your particular needs. This can be done in-person or on-line, as needed.

$75 per class 1+ hour /  Package: $50 per class ongoing weekly, 2 month minimum. Total: $400

The "I want it all" option:

Joyflow Signature Coaching Program! 


14 Sessions / 4 Months    $1200


                                                      Text 601-613-4317 to Schedule your Appointment

                                           Email deb@joyflowyoga to receive a Client Information package



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