Here's my "Elevator intro":

I help people understand their patterns of anger, shame, anxiety and depression that limit them, and I help them reconnect to and experience more Joy in their lives. I do this through a variety of unique programs and modalities. I specifically enjoy mentoring yoga teachers through my Yoga Alliance approved teaching certification program. My name is Debi Saraswati and I am the founder of the Joyflow Institute for Integrative Health. I am the author of two books: Yoga Nine Ways and Joyflow Yoga: Manual for Teachers.

Shorter Version:

I help people experience more Joy in their lives, through a variety of unique programs and modalities. I also mentor and certify yoga teachers. 


Yes, I also paint, sew and craft! See all this on the Saraswati Designs page.


Joyflow Yoga Instruction / Therapy / Coaching


Joyflow Yoga Instruction: to give support in developing a home personal practice and/or to answer any questions about your practice or health needs. To give guidance in breathing and meditation techniques that support your well-being. My 30 years of training in a variety of styles enables me to be creative and responsive to your particular needs.

Joyflow Yoga Therapy: to process the mind-body connection, releasing wounds of the pain-body. Especially helpful for overcoming past abuse, trauma, injuries or losses. This process also leads to an increase in your ability to receive clarity, deep peace and relaxation.

      Yoga Therapy can include:

              Tai Bodywork-like passive stretches / Restorative Yoga

              Guided Imagery / Customized Yoga Nidra

              Spiritual Dialoguing

              Energy Healing with Reiki / Healing Touch

              Sound Bath Meditation with Singing Bowls, Flutes and Drums

              Essential Oils / Crystal Energy / Sage Cleansing

              Nature Meditation Walks / Meditative Dance

              Laughter Yoga



Joyflow Yoga Coaching: may include any of the above, Yoga Instruction / Therapy, but also includes a study of how the Enneagram may give you insight and wisdom. This is particularly helpful for addiction work, lifestyle changes and relationship issues. Will include a plan of action and follow-up support for your chosen life-affirming goals.




How-To Details


Where options:


#1: On-line, on Zoom, from Anywhere. Of course, some of the modalities will not work from afar, but most can be approximated. Benefits: transformative work in the comfort of your own home, in any time zone. Must have access to internet via computer or smart-phone, and a quiet place to receive without interruption.

#2: I can come to you, a house-call.  An extra travel fee may be involved depending on the distance.

#3: Come visit my yoga tent / pavilion at Lizard Patch Farmstead (40 minutes North of Jackson MS) and make a day of it!  Details have yet to be established. After or before your session with me, enjoy meditative walks in nature, pet goats and chickens, and maybe pick your lunch out from the garden. We will have to consider the weather, as it will be part of your experience.

Registration Options:

1-1/2 to 2 hour Sessions – Sliding Scale Fee / Suggested Donation = $125

Ways to pay:

   Venmo:  Debi Saraswati Lewis  @joyflow9

   CashApp: Debora Lewis  $debidesigns

   Paypal: / I appreciate the friends/family version

   Check or Cash: Can give you mailing address

   Square: Can be done over the phone


OR: Pay what you can, and donate time or stuff to Lizard Patch Farmstead. We can and do barter!


To get started:

  1. Send an email to, and I will send you a registration / introduction questionnaire.

  2. Make payment or deposit; see above.

  3. Go to my calendar: and pick a time ....... or if you’d like to make a day-trip, call me to schedule.

  4. Ask me any questions about any of this. Text is best: 601-613-4317, and I’ll call you back.



Joyflow Group Program


The Signature Joyflow Group Program includes all of the above, but also leads to a Joyflow Yoga Teacher training 200 hour Certification (Yoga Alliance Registered), and adds a more in-depth immersion into the yoga lifestyle.


We will be beginning a new 6 month intensive in August 2021.  Please go to the Teacher Training page for more information.