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Joyflow Yoga Instruction / Therapy / Coaching



"The Body Keeps the Score". This book by Bessel van der Kolk is about how we are affected by traumatic stress and how we can heal from it. He brought the healing power of yoga into mainstream consciousness, especially in the fields of psychology and psychiatry. Emotional-Release Yoga Therapy (what I'm calling it now) is transformational for anyone who has unresolved issues around grief and loss, change or trauma. It is a combination of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Healinging Touch / Reiki, Tai Yoga, and Enneagram. In this therapy, you are transported to a place of deep relaxation, awareness, and insight. Your body is moved slowly through stretches, inviting you to relax and observe. Then you are invited to speak from this place of deep awareness, and you may often find yourself experiencing revelations from the wisdom of your body and from the Divine Within. 

Imagine yourself on a soft mat, doing the falling-out breath, getting more and more relaxed, while I hold you in a gentle stretch, holding space for you to release any pain-body stuff that arises. My role is to hold the space for you to have the healing experience. A healing space you may not have allowed yourself to have. I invite you. 

Things we might do on the journey:

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (emotional-release body work)

Tai Yoga / Restorative Yoga

Guided Imagery / Customized Yoga Nidra

Enneagram Consultation

Spiritual Dialoguing / Emotional Body Release Technique

Reiki / Healing Touch 

Sound Bath Meditation with Singing Bowls, Flutes and Drums

Essential Oils / Crystal Energy / Sage Cleansing / Terahertz Frequency

Nature Meditation Walks / Meditative Dance

Laughter Yoga


$125 per session 1.5 hours 

$400 for series of 4 sessions

Joyflow Yoga Instruction

To give support in developing a home personal practice and/or to answer any questions about your practice or health needs. To give guidance in breathing and meditation techniques that support your well-being. My 30 years of training in a variety of styles enables me to be creative and responsive to your particular needs. This can be done in-person or on-line, as needed.

$75 per class 1+ hour

Package: $50 per class ongoing weekly.


                                                      Text 601-613-4317 to Schedule your Appointment

                                           Email deb@joyflowyoga to receive a Client Information package



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