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Laugh Often, Long and Loud
Laugh Until You Gasp for Breath
And if You Have Someone 
Who makes You Laugh
Spend Lots of Time With Them

Laughter-On-Call is an experience based on the Laughter Yoga studies of Dr. Katara. His research showed that, while the body, mind and spirit gain enormous benefits from laughter, there is also no difference between real laughter and fake laughter. So, we fake it until we make it, and are naturally full of the giggles and guffaws!  There is also evidence that these benefits are most realized when the laughter is sustained for over 10 minutes, and where can you do that without the risk of being locked up!

So let's have a Laughter Yoga party!

I will bring my "Patch Adams Silliness" to you and your friends, or family, complete with childlike games, stress-releasing stretches, breathing techniques and the resulting deep relaxation. 

Benefits of Laughter Yoga * Laugh for No Reason 

Laughter is the Best Medicine!

lightens depression * releases anxiety * oxygenates the body * gives energy * face-lift * increases dopamine

great abdominal workout * lowers blood pressure * lowers stress hormone * 

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To book a session: contact Debi at 601-613-4317 (text is best) or

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