The Experiential Enneagram
A 10-Week Series of Yoga Nine Ways

When: Tuesday Evenings 6:00-7:30 pm, beginning Nov 23rd
Where: Jitterz on the Rez, 1149 Old Fannin Rd Ste 12, Brandon MS
Registration: $95 Suggested Donation
Text Debi 601-613-4317 for Registration Links
Suggested Books: Wisdom of the Enneagram by Riso-Hudson and Yoga Nine Ways by Debi

In times of great change and stress it has become even more important to practice healthy self-care. This 10 Class Series will give you insight into your inner motivations and unconscious beliefs and fears.


More importantly you will learn a variety of coping techniques: Movements, Breathwork, and Meditations, that will bring balance, insight and healing in Mind, Body and Spirit.

The Experiential Enneagram

A Day of Joy with Enneagram, Yoga, Laughter and Dancing

Dates and Locations to be announced

The Other 7 Limbs

Classic Yoga is based on the Yoga Sutras which outlines the 8-Limbs of Yoga, a blueprint for optimal living and enlightenment or Self-realization. However, the modern yoga practice has come to focus primarily on just the physical limb: the postures, or asanas. This workshop will go through all of the limbs, which include ethical principles, personal observances, breathing techniques and meditation techniques, as well as asana.

CEU Hours for Yoga Teachers is offered.

Dates and Locations to be announced

Teaching Yoga to Beginners and

Developing Your Personal Practice

This workshop will serve two purposes. First, we will cover sequencing and modifications so that anyone, with any limitation, age or ability can find the variation of posture that is the most effective and safe. Yoga teachers will be able to hone their teaching skills with actual beginners with my guidance. CEU hours will be offered. Second, we will support all participants, both beginners, those with more experience, AND teachers, to develop a customized personal practice.


Dates and Locations to be announced