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Joyflow Yoga Classes at Russell's

1050 N. Flowood Drive, Flowood MS (at back of building)

New Schedule - Starting now! Note Tuesdays classes are now on Monday and the 4:30 classses have both been changed to 4:00 and 5:00.

No classes on July 4th!


        9:00-10:15  Basics & Restore

        2:00-3:00  Chair  (shorter class, $12 or pay as you can)

        4:00-5:15  Slow Flow


        9:00-10:15  Slow Flow

        2:00-3:00  Chair

        5:00-6:15  Basics & Restore

$20 for one class, $90 for a package of 6 classes used within several months.

Please text me to register, or if you have questions: 601-613-4317.

New Class offering: Bhakti Share!  Last Wednesday evening of the month, 7:00 pm, Donation

Come experience Bhakti Yoga

The yoga of the Devotional Heart:


OM Circle, Chants & Songs from around the world,

Kirtan, Dances of Universal Peace & Circle Dances

Descriptions of Classes:

Basics & Restore

For beginners and for stress relief. Therapeutic, functional, alignment-based.

Restorative, yin, chair options. "Advanced laying around."

Chair Yoga (shorter class - pay as you can)

Although the chair can be used in all classes, these 50 minute classes are specifically for those who prefer a full chair class. 

Slow Flow

Linking breath and movement in slow sequences often building to a goal pose or a theme. Chair option.

Currently we are practicing a modified version of the Ashtanga Primary Series, an exhilerating practice that is both very physical and deeply meditative.

The Experiential Enneagram - A Retreat


We had a great time at our latest Saturday afternoon Enneagram Introduction! Great conversations, great connections, great insights! This was an introduction to the longer weekend workshop/retreat experience that I will be scheduling throughout the year in different locations. This is a time playful learning, sharing, and reconnecting to your childlike wonder and spirit, which may have gotten a bit lost along the way. We will explore the difference between living in your Conditioned Self versus your Authentic Self, via the self-inquiry of Enneagram, Meditation, Breathwork, Laughter, Movement, and Restorative (Yoga Nidra/Sound Bath) practice. In the full retreat experience, we will also have time for connection to nature: barefoot walks in the sand, sun bathing, natural creek meditation on water, star gazing, and tree hugging. Food will be whole, simple, and healing, lots of smoothies, juices, and salads. Participants will come away with insights, inspiration and tools for living in a way that is aligned with their fullest potential for Joy. 

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